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How Can A Therapist Help Me?

Wondering why you sabotage yourself when good things happen to you? Wondering what triggers you to restrict and binge foods? Do you turn to alcohol when you’re feeling upset, frustrated or overwhelmed? These are all behaviors and habits that can hold us back from creating healthier, happier selves who live richer and fuller lives. Of course, it isn’t always that easy to uncover the conscious and unconscious processes that affect our behaviors and emotions. This is where a therapist can be an invaluable tool.

No matter whether you want to call it therapy, counseling or psychotherapy, seeing a therapist can help people through life’s toughest challenges while also helping them adapt, adjust and thrive while living with a mental health disorder. While some people may choose to ride out the mental and emotional storms you may want to consider therapy if,

  • The issues you are dealing with affect you daily (or most days of the week)
  • You feel embarrassed by your emotions and feelings
  • You are socially isolating yourself or withdrawing from friends and loved ones
  • Your quality of life has decreased
  • Your mental health is affecting your relationships, work or school, and/or your personal life
  • You’ve attempted to implement certain coping mechanisms to improve symptoms but they don’t seem to be helping

A therapist can help you through a variety of issues, from depression related to a divorce to trying to take steps to improve your financial independence or professional development. If you feel as if your symptoms are controlling you it’s important to see a therapist if you are experiencing,

  • Stress: while feeling stressed or overwhelmed can happen from time to time, if you find yourself unable to handle everything that’s happened around you therapy can help you grapple with these negative emotions and find better coping mechanisms
  • Fatigue: are you having trouble getting out of bed or do you suddenly feel like you need more sleep than use? Sleep problems can shed light on someone’s mental health.
  • Obtrusive thoughts: if worrying thoughts take up a lot of your day, a therapist can help.
  • Anger or rage: sometimes anxiety, stress and depression can present with feelings of anger and resentment. If you find yourself feeling angry or irritable a lot of the time then therapy may be able to help resolve these feelings.
  • Hopelessness: do you feel demotivated or have you lost hope about the future?
  • Apathy: many people with depression or anxiety find that many of the activities and hobbies they once loved no longer interest them.
  • Withdrawing: if you find yourself feeling stressed out or anxious around people and you’re isolating yourself as a result a therapist can help you manage these feelings.

Here at Strategic Psychological Services in Warwick, RI, we offer psychotherapy to patients of all ages, from children to adults, as well as family and marriage counseling. 

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms above then it may be time to talk to a therapist. Schedule an appointment with us by calling (401) 785-0040. We’re here to help.

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