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1.Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, more commonly known as ADHD or ADD is a disorder of attention and inhibition classified in the DSM-V which is the primary tool for diagnosing among psychologists and other mental health clinicians. I hate the word "disorder" as it denotes a certain negative connotation associated with the set of characteristics that comprise ADHD. In today's society, where all children are supposed to learn in the same manner, forced to sit still in a classroom and focus their attention for hours on end, yes, ADHD can often seem like a “disorder.” Children with ADHD in these restrictive settings are often admonished and punitively chastised due to their inability to sit still and focus. However, this does not mean that these children are bad, unintelligent or “less than” in any manner. It only means that they learn a bit differently than their peers. These children are often the “hands on” or creative learners, and they often have numerous strengths and skills in areas that do not require them to sit and focus. Furthermore, when they do find things that engage them, these children can often become hyper-focused. Having said that, instead of punishing your child for not conforming to customary educational norms, let's celebrate their differences. Take time to find out your child’s strengths and gifts and foster them appropriately. Strategic Psychological Services offers comprehensive ADHD evaluations in the Warwick area of Rhode Island. If your child is having difficulty with attention, distraction or sitting still in the classroom, get an evaluation today so that we can help to develop a plan for accommodations in the classroom that include strategies to enhance and foster their strengths. Call today to set up an appointment. 401-785-0040.
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