Addiction is a condition in which the body must have a drug to avoid physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms. Addiction’s first stage is dependence, during which the search for a drug dominates an individual’s life. An addict eventually develops tolerance, which forces the person to consume larger and larger doses of the drug to get the same effect.

At some point, the negative effects of an individual’s substance use will outweigh the benefits they once received and they will make a decision to reduce their use or to stop using completely. Trying to stop or manage addiction is difficult and needs to be approached strategically to achieve successful outcomes. Seeing a psychologist can help you clearly identify goals and learn strategies to achieve them so you can work towards living a life you choose that is meaningful and fulfilling.

If you think you might be suffering from addiction and would like support to improve the quality of your life, you can contact us at SPS via phone at 401-785-0040 or stop by our office to arrange to meet with one of our trained psychologists for a confidential initial assessment.

No referral is needed schedule an appointment and SPS accepts most insurance plans and credit cards are accepted.


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